Judge Rick Magnis

First elected in 2006, Judge Rick Magnis presides over the 283rd Judicial District Court, a felony criminal court in Dallas, Texas.

Judge Magnis is committed to giving non-violent offenders the opportunities and the resources necessary to change their lives. Instead of labeling young men and women who are arrested for non-violent offenses (such as possession of a small amount of drugs) as felons, he works to provide them with alternatives to incarceration that do not result in a felony conviction. This makes our community safer by preventing re-offending.

Judge Magnis believes that violent and predatory offenders should receive a swift and fair trial and if convicted receive the appropriate punishment. On the other hand he believes that many non-violent offenders commit crimes because of drug addiction, mental illness and poverty. While not excuses for behavior, Judge Magnis believes that by providing the services necessary to address these issues under close supervision, he can change the behavior of many of these offenders. Doing so reduces recidivism, thereby increasing public safety and saving taxpayer money because well thought out and close supervision is much more cost effective than incarceration.

Judge Magnis earned his law degree from Tulsa University and has been licensed to practice law since 1983. Prior to taking the bench, Judge Magnis served as an assistant public defender in Dallas County for 18 years.