• Democratic incumbent judge first elected county wide in 2006.
  • Created enhanced supervision protocols for domestic violence offenders highlighted in January 2014 as first of its kind in Texas.
  • Elected by colleagues to be Presiding Judge of all Dallas Felony Criminal Courts in addition to running his own court.
  • Endorsed by The Dallas Morning News
  • Spearheaded new attorney appointment procedures and policies to assure that court appointments are fair and open.
  • Licensed attorney for 30 years and judge for 7 years.
  • In almost every year since taking the bench, handled more cases than any other felony court. Cost per disposition of cases is significantly below the County average.
  • Committed to giving non-violent offenders the opportunities and the resources necessary to change their lives. Instead of labeling young men and women who are arrested for non-violent offenses (such as possession of a small amount of drugs) as felons, works to provide them with alternatives to incarceration that do not result in a felony conviction. This makes our community safer by preventing re-offending.