Elected Official

Elected three times, Judge Magnis has enjoyed the support and endorsements of many individuals, elected officials and groups.

Endorsed by The Dallas Morning News

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Endorsed by Elected Officials and Groups

Texas State Representative Roberto Alonzo
Texas State Representative Rafael Anchia
County Commissioner Theresa Daniel
U.S. Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson
Former City Councilmember John Loza
County Commissioner John Wiley Price
Texas State Senator Royce West

Committee for a Qualified Judiciary
Dallas Black Criminal Bar Association
Dallas County Young Democrats
Dallas Young Stonewall Democrats
Hamilton Park Inter-organization Council
Lake Highlands White Rock Democrats
Mexican American Democrats - CAUSA Chapter
Preston Hollow Democrats
Progressive Voters League - New Era
Stonewall Democrats of Dallas
Teamsters Local 745

Endorsed by Precinct Chairs

Lydia Alcalan
Phyllis Arceneaux
Bruce Anton
Shannon Bailey
Tom Ball
Fatemeh Bazleh
Tom Blackwell
Pauline Bourqui
Erica Cole
Linda Coleman
Frank Cooney
Susan Copeland
Eli Davis
Tangerla Davis-Williams
Red Estes
Marsha Fishman
Michelle Glaze
Reina Gonzalez
Marcy Helfand
Peggy Henger
Crystal Hughes
Jeff Johns
Linda Love
Alfretta McCaine
Dale McEowen
Michael McPhail
Don O'Bannon
Randall Parker
Gabriela Pataro
Sandy Paul
David Perez, Jr.
Robert Sheaks
Robert Torres
Michael Wetson
James White
Sally White
Ruth Wyrick

"It has been a pleasure to be in Judge Magnis' court at all times and hope his future on the bench remains for many years to come. I am a card-carrying Republican but voted for Judge Magnis when he ran for the bench and will do so at the next election. Makes me proud to be an American."

"Dallas County needs experienced judges on the bench. I'm proud to endorse Rick for judge and I hope my fellow Senate District 9 Democrats will vote for him in the 2014 primary."

"I love the way you're using your position to go so far above and beyond the expected. Also love that your work is being recognized."

"Grateful that there are people like you working to see that everyone is treated fairly. Thank you for always doing what you think is the right thing to do, no matter the consequences."

Endorsed by Attorneys/Citizens

Mark Agostini
Charlie Allan
Bridget Barnhill
Tom Benson
Willie Cantu
Carl Ceder
Mimi Coffey
Harold Collum
Richard Corbitt
Bill Cox
Chris Culak
Richard Deaguero
Sarah Duncan
Randall B. Eisenberg
Ole Estrada
Anthony Farmer
Suzanne Fichtel
Lisa Fox
Richard Franklin
Jeremy Gordon
Cameron Gray
Rett Gray
Phillip Hayes
Kathryn Haywood
Robert Hernandez
Walter Hofheinz
Curtis and Jane Hoffman
Mary Lou Hoffman
Mike Howard
Stephanie Hudson
Niles Illich
Willie Ingram
Macie Jaggers
Craig Jett
Patrick Jordan
Hank Judin
Bruce Kaye
Edwin V. (Bubba) King
Chris Koustoubardis
Fritz Kuehn
Steve Lewis
Jane Little
Tom Lochry
Anthony Lyons
Neville Mason
Hiram McBeth
Patrick McLain
Kassandra McLaughlin
Barbara Mickey
Stephen H. Miller
Bill Neil
Kristen O'Brien
Margaret and Stuart Owen
Scott Palmer
David Pire
Ashley Rasmussen
John H. Read
Eric Reed
Wes Reed
William Rink
Mark Robinius
Justin Rosales
Jorge Sanchez
Debbie Sanchez
Juan Sanchez
Richard A. Sinzinger
Timothy P. Sommers
Bernard Sutherland
Michelle Touchette
Gary Udashen
Brenda Vonjoe
Joshua M. Webber
Stephani Hudgins Woodward